The Ma’anaghieh strain, widespread and popular over all over the Arabic speaking world in the past, is now unfortunately one of the most abused strain names in Western horse literature.

The Ma’anaghieh has been present in Bahrain since the earliest times of the Al-Khalifa family history. Old poetry recites that Shaikh Abdulla bin Ahmed was, “…. invincible when mounted on his beautiful Ma’anaghieh with the soundest hoofs found on any horse”.

Today in Bahrain the Ma’anaghieh are represented by two lineage: Ma’anaghieh bin Hiddfa Al-Murra and Casbet El Khel. Ma’anaghieh Al Murra the original mare was brought to Shaikh Hamed bin Isa (1874-1942) around 1930 while Ma’anaghieh Casbet El Khel from Kuwait was brought to Shaikh Sulman (1895-1961) in 1942.

The stallions, Ma’anaghy El Kebir 136 and Ma’anaghy El Saghir 300 were both descendants of Ma’anaghieh El Murra. Ma’anaghy El Kabir was a trial stud. He was removed from stud in 1974.

Today the Casbet El Khel line of the Ma’anaghieh has a sole representative in Ma’anaghieh Deemeh 844. This mare and mares from two lesser known families of the Ma'anaghieh continue this well known strain today.